Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So... You've been sitting on it for a while ... senior pictures... got to do it... want to do Jem to do them for sure ... got to call.... ooh... special discount until June 15th, go to call about that ! ...  ooh- new movie out at the movie theatre... uh oh- can't call to book my pictures now-- have to hit the pool with Jill, Kennedy and Sam ... hm... what day is it today? JUNE 15th you say- CRAP !!!!!!!!!!! What's the number to call???

Yes, yes yes- we all know this is YOU- you little procrastinator!!   Don't fret though - I'm up til midnight... if I don't answer the phone it is because another client has me trapped on a call with them so LEAVE A MESSAGE or ... hit me a message through my web site   (go to the CONTACT ME  tab and click it and send me your name, number and WHO told you to come to Jem!! )  I PROMISE - I won't forget to call you back or email you !!

Anyways -- IF you are on the fence about coming to me I'll give you a few reasons to jump OFF the fence and call!

#1- I'm so crazy when I have my camera around me that I can get just about ANYONE to smile and look crazy cool.

#2- My photoshop skills are so FLY I will be sure to get all the bags away ... the skin damage looking ... er... less damaged, those green eyes POPPIN, the flabby underarms tighter.  Don't believe me. Ask some of my  amazing reps!! :)

#3- I have GREAT ideas for locations, outfits, props and how to use them and when to use them. I want to capture the REAL YOU - not who you THINK you need to portray in your pictures.

Ok ... so C'mon- stop procrastinating cuz my EARLY BIRD special is sooo good your parents will have extra $ to buy you a way cool graduation gift with them $ they're gonna save!!   See ya soon! :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some recent work

So ... time to share what I've been up to lately!!  First up is Kaitlin. I had a fabulous time with her out at Falls Park.  Thankfully with all the rain we have had the park wasn't flooded (although when I went back YESTERDAY it WAS!  So... we really lucked out.  What a natural beauty - and I loved that they loved this picture of her laughing!!! Here's a collage I made up for them!

This is Noelle.  I could tell she was a spit fire ... and it only took a little while to get that SASS out of her!  Her outfit choices definitely dictated where we had to go !! Loved those outfits- and the HAT! The hat MADE 1/2 of her pictures ELECTRIC - do don't forget your props! :)                   

Then I got to photograph Josh -- one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.  I had a great time with him.  LOVED those freckles and his eyes were amazing!!

Another guy to photograph -- Austin. The dimples were gorgeous - as were his chiseled features!  Austin plays a mean guitar and a seriously gorgeous back yard which was the back drop for the pictures.

Many more to show ... but no more time ... so you'll have to stay tuned -ok   :)

Have a great day! -Beth

Been Busy!!!

The hours in the day just don't seem to be enough these days! Who thought up this 24 hours in a day rule. I need at least 30 to do everything I need (and would like) to do.

My seniors have been keeping me busy. Rep sessions, last minute 2011 seniors who are graduating in less than 1 month  ... HOLLA!!!!

Then there are the moms who are ordering their invitations and open house 'pretties'  pictures and such to make the open house that much more special!!

I'm offering my LAST promo for all you peeps that haven't taken advantage

* Brag book filled with 11 5x5 images of your class of 2011 senior $129
* Folio to put as a centerpiece at the open house - $99
* Order a canvas for the house of your senior-- 11x14 $150  12x18  $175  16x20 $219  16x24 $269
* Order a digi file $39 in 4x6 size   $65 in full resolution (you can print whatever size you want *
* Order 3 or more sheets of wallets   $20 per sheet


Friday, April 8, 2011


I received the sweetest email from Riley last year - she was studying photography and wanted to ask about internships with Jem Photography.   Unfortunately due to time restraints (and the fact that I wasn't entirely sure how to have an intern learn from me since my training was just about nil) I wasn't able to bring her aboard.  However she really impressed me!! I was so excited to hear that Riley was going to be graduating with the class of 2012 and when I sent notices to let everyone know I was interviewing juniors to be senior reps for class of 2012 she was one of the first to respond.  Not only does Riley have an eye for photography, but on the other side of the camera I saw a sparkle in her eyes and a care free look from her pictures. I knew she was someone I'd love to photograph and it was a no-brainer that she would be a senior rep for me!!

Today was a WONDERFUL day!  Riley brought along her friend who I'll be photographing soon (for her senior pictures) and not only did we capture amazing pictures of Riley and her spirit - but I zapped a few of the two of them together!!! They are just adorable!! I love friendships like these two obviously have!!

I will share more pictures in a few days but this is my favorite picture of the 3 sneak peeks I posted for Riley. Why do I love this so?  To me it is the best illustration of me as an artist more than a photographer.  I have always said I'm an artist that uses a camera as her instrument.   My violin career was cut short due to carpal tunnel syndrome (bi-lateral), my singing voice not the same anymore since I popped a blood vessel in my throat when I had pneumonia several years ago, so the camera is my new instrument. Together, with my clients,  I try to make music through the photographs I take and the edits I do to the pictures.

Thanks for reading ... Beth

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A day without learning...

I consider myself a self taught photographer or at least 95% self taught. I have had a point in the right direction here or there --(such as put your camera on the M mode, set your ISO at 100 and your F-stop at 5.6 and take some pictures and share them) ... a lot of critiques from amazing ladies (and some men) on a photo board I frequent on the internet but for the most part I have learned photography and photoshop on my own.

When you are a mostly self taught person it requires that coming to Jesus session with yourself to admit - I  have a lot to learn and I cannot be scared to admit that and to seize the opportunities when they present themselves!!  Even if you're shooting 4-6 sessions a week, making a decent living you can still learn and grow and get to higher levels-- right ??? 

So, I noticed today (while driving) that the clouds looked CRAZY COOL and very 3D .  I immediately thought of a picture I'd taken of one of my amazing senior's Chelsea. The session took place last fall - around 6 months ago and I was very happy that Chelsea and her mom were very happy with their pictures. I was happy with them too. Yet, today when I saw the clouds I immediately thought of a picture I'd taken of her (out of all the pictures I've taken outdoors) and thought how much better this picture could look.   I took a picture of the clouds and then brought up her old picture and went to work.

Here's the before and after.  Now, thankfully I have a new tool I can work with to enhance pictures even more. I think it took this picture to a higher level.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Sarah is one of my senior reps. Great big blue eyes and stunning hair were the first thing that caught my eye when I was choosing reps from her school.  Today I had the pleasure of photographing her. I was so proud of how she handled the chilly temps.  One is never sure how wind and cool weather will translate - because some people just can't keep a positive attitude when it's less than desirable weather. Thankfully Sarah was a trooper. Here's the first of her sneak peeks !!

Day 1 ...

Blogs ...journals. I suppose one needs something to document their journey through life right?  My journey to be a photographer has been a ride full of ups and downs --left and right turns, curve balls, joys and sorrows and most of all a ride full of fulfillment!

I never expected to end up doing photography here in Indiana. Heck- I never expected to find myself anywhere in the midwest! If you met me 20 years ago I was a young girl, about to graduate high school, passionate about the violin and songwriting. I was into singing- and I went to one of the most amazing high schools in America- the Cincinnati School for Creative & Performing Arts.  However, a series of curveballs (mainly carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands) sent me down a different path. This is a path I am truly thankful for- as I met my husband and best friend Drake on this new path.

As I blog more I'll share more about myself ...but for now I'll say adieu!  I have to go get ready for senior pictures with one of my new senior reps Sarah.


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