Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So... You've been sitting on it for a while ... senior pictures... got to do it... want to do Jem to do them for sure ... got to call.... ooh... special discount until June 15th, go to call about that ! ...  ooh- new movie out at the movie theatre... uh oh- can't call to book my pictures now-- have to hit the pool with Jill, Kennedy and Sam ... hm... what day is it today? JUNE 15th you say- CRAP !!!!!!!!!!! What's the number to call???

Yes, yes yes- we all know this is YOU- you little procrastinator!!   Don't fret though - I'm up til midnight... if I don't answer the phone it is because another client has me trapped on a call with them so LEAVE A MESSAGE or ... hit me a message through my web site   (go to the CONTACT ME  tab and click it and send me your name, number and WHO told you to come to Jem!! )  I PROMISE - I won't forget to call you back or email you !!

Anyways -- IF you are on the fence about coming to me I'll give you a few reasons to jump OFF the fence and call!

#1- I'm so crazy when I have my camera around me that I can get just about ANYONE to smile and look crazy cool.

#2- My photoshop skills are so FLY I will be sure to get all the bags away ... the skin damage looking ... er... less damaged, those green eyes POPPIN, the flabby underarms tighter.  Don't believe me. Ask some of my  amazing reps!! :)

#3- I have GREAT ideas for locations, outfits, props and how to use them and when to use them. I want to capture the REAL YOU - not who you THINK you need to portray in your pictures.

Ok ... so C'mon- stop procrastinating cuz my EARLY BIRD special is sooo good your parents will have extra $ to buy you a way cool graduation gift with them $ they're gonna save!!   See ya soon! :)