Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some recent work

So ... time to share what I've been up to lately!!  First up is Kaitlin. I had a fabulous time with her out at Falls Park.  Thankfully with all the rain we have had the park wasn't flooded (although when I went back YESTERDAY it WAS!  So... we really lucked out.  What a natural beauty - and I loved that they loved this picture of her laughing!!! Here's a collage I made up for them!

This is Noelle.  I could tell she was a spit fire ... and it only took a little while to get that SASS out of her!  Her outfit choices definitely dictated where we had to go !! Loved those outfits- and the HAT! The hat MADE 1/2 of her pictures ELECTRIC - do don't forget your props! :)                   

Then I got to photograph Josh -- one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.  I had a great time with him.  LOVED those freckles and his eyes were amazing!!

Another guy to photograph -- Austin. The dimples were gorgeous - as were his chiseled features!  Austin plays a mean guitar and a seriously gorgeous back yard which was the back drop for the pictures.

Many more to show ... but no more time ... so you'll have to stay tuned -ok   :)

Have a great day! -Beth

Been Busy!!!

The hours in the day just don't seem to be enough these days! Who thought up this 24 hours in a day rule. I need at least 30 to do everything I need (and would like) to do.

My seniors have been keeping me busy. Rep sessions, last minute 2011 seniors who are graduating in less than 1 month  ... HOLLA!!!!

Then there are the moms who are ordering their invitations and open house 'pretties'  pictures and such to make the open house that much more special!!

I'm offering my LAST promo for all you peeps that haven't taken advantage

* Brag book filled with 11 5x5 images of your class of 2011 senior $129
* Folio to put as a centerpiece at the open house - $99
* Order a canvas for the house of your senior-- 11x14 $150  12x18  $175  16x20 $219  16x24 $269
* Order a digi file $39 in 4x6 size   $65 in full resolution (you can print whatever size you want *
* Order 3 or more sheets of wallets   $20 per sheet