Friday, April 8, 2011


I received the sweetest email from Riley last year - she was studying photography and wanted to ask about internships with Jem Photography.   Unfortunately due to time restraints (and the fact that I wasn't entirely sure how to have an intern learn from me since my training was just about nil) I wasn't able to bring her aboard.  However she really impressed me!! I was so excited to hear that Riley was going to be graduating with the class of 2012 and when I sent notices to let everyone know I was interviewing juniors to be senior reps for class of 2012 she was one of the first to respond.  Not only does Riley have an eye for photography, but on the other side of the camera I saw a sparkle in her eyes and a care free look from her pictures. I knew she was someone I'd love to photograph and it was a no-brainer that she would be a senior rep for me!!

Today was a WONDERFUL day!  Riley brought along her friend who I'll be photographing soon (for her senior pictures) and not only did we capture amazing pictures of Riley and her spirit - but I zapped a few of the two of them together!!! They are just adorable!! I love friendships like these two obviously have!!

I will share more pictures in a few days but this is my favorite picture of the 3 sneak peeks I posted for Riley. Why do I love this so?  To me it is the best illustration of me as an artist more than a photographer.  I have always said I'm an artist that uses a camera as her instrument.   My violin career was cut short due to carpal tunnel syndrome (bi-lateral), my singing voice not the same anymore since I popped a blood vessel in my throat when I had pneumonia several years ago, so the camera is my new instrument. Together, with my clients,  I try to make music through the photographs I take and the edits I do to the pictures.

Thanks for reading ... Beth

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A day without learning...

I consider myself a self taught photographer or at least 95% self taught. I have had a point in the right direction here or there --(such as put your camera on the M mode, set your ISO at 100 and your F-stop at 5.6 and take some pictures and share them) ... a lot of critiques from amazing ladies (and some men) on a photo board I frequent on the internet but for the most part I have learned photography and photoshop on my own.

When you are a mostly self taught person it requires that coming to Jesus session with yourself to admit - I  have a lot to learn and I cannot be scared to admit that and to seize the opportunities when they present themselves!!  Even if you're shooting 4-6 sessions a week, making a decent living you can still learn and grow and get to higher levels-- right ??? 

So, I noticed today (while driving) that the clouds looked CRAZY COOL and very 3D .  I immediately thought of a picture I'd taken of one of my amazing senior's Chelsea. The session took place last fall - around 6 months ago and I was very happy that Chelsea and her mom were very happy with their pictures. I was happy with them too. Yet, today when I saw the clouds I immediately thought of a picture I'd taken of her (out of all the pictures I've taken outdoors) and thought how much better this picture could look.   I took a picture of the clouds and then brought up her old picture and went to work.

Here's the before and after.  Now, thankfully I have a new tool I can work with to enhance pictures even more. I think it took this picture to a higher level.