Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 1 ...

Blogs ...journals. I suppose one needs something to document their journey through life right?  My journey to be a photographer has been a ride full of ups and downs --left and right turns, curve balls, joys and sorrows and most of all a ride full of fulfillment!

I never expected to end up doing photography here in Indiana. Heck- I never expected to find myself anywhere in the midwest! If you met me 20 years ago I was a young girl, about to graduate high school, passionate about the violin and songwriting. I was into singing- and I went to one of the most amazing high schools in America- the Cincinnati School for Creative & Performing Arts.  However, a series of curveballs (mainly carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands) sent me down a different path. This is a path I am truly thankful for- as I met my husband and best friend Drake on this new path.

As I blog more I'll share more about myself ...but for now I'll say adieu!  I have to go get ready for senior pictures with one of my new senior reps Sarah.


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